Phoenix Mural Project staff do this work because we are passionate about local art and want to support our hometown artists.  All proceeds go directly to support Phoenix Mural Project activities in the community.

Danielle Foushée
Founder & Director | Phoenix Mural Project
Assistant Professor of Design | Arizona State University

Danielle Foushée is Assistant Professor of Design at Arizona State University. Her research, teaching, and practice live at the praxis between communication design, urban environments, and community engagement. She studies visual-rhetorical expressions in public spaces and the resulting dialectics between design <—> culture. Her work is unified by an ethos of Radical Public Service. She founded and directs Phoenix Mural Project to document the city’s street art culture, enhance its vitality, and expand public support for design and the arts in public places.

Darrell LeDeux Grissum
Creative Assistant | Phoenix Mural Project
Artist | Entertainment Design & Social Practice

Darrell Grissum is a fourth year Entertainment Design student at Arizona State University. He can most accurately be described as a creative. Darrell is most passionate about social activism through art, the intersections of Queer, Black, and popular culture, and the mediums of film, fashion, and architecture. Beyond the classroom, Darrell focuses his energy on pursuing his passions through service. Throughout his collegiate career he has served as both vice president of the Herberger Student Council and as the President of the College of Letters and Sciences Residential College. He has also participated in internship programs with the Children's Defense Fund and Project Row Houses.

Mikey Butzine
Artist + Renaissance Man | Phoenix Mural Project