Phoenix Mural Project took shape when I realized the city lacks a centralized source of images, maps, and interpretive information about its vibrant grass-roots street art community. Phase I has been underway since 2016: scouting locations, mapping images, building relationships, creating an online presence, and social media promotion. Our primary goal is to celebrate, support, and promote the artists who work locally in the Phoenix metro area.

Phoenix Mural Project is becoming the most comprehensive digital archive of the city’s ephemeral and always-evolving world of muralism. Street Art around the world has gained in popularity and social acceptance over the past decade. While Phoenix has had an active mural-painting scene for many years, it has never been thoroughly documented or studied. Indeed, outside Arizona, Phoenix mostly goes unnoticed as a meaningful hub of arts and culture production. Perhaps due to this isolation, local artists have developed a visual language that sets their work apart from other globally recognized “art cities.” With the stories, images, and tools provided through Phoenix Mural Project, the city’s creative culture has potential to gain visibility and influence much farther afield.

Phoenix Mural Project staff are all volunteers and do this work because they are passionate about local art and want to support our hometown artists. All proceeds go directly to support Phoenix Mural Project activities in the community.

NOTICE: Phoenix Mural Project believes in the cultural and economic value of art in our city. We do not support or condone illegal activity of any kind. We expect high levels of professionalism from our artists, patrons, and supporters. Thank you.