Phoenix Mural Project started as a digital archive of the city’s ephemeral world of muralism—see lots of images, plus more than 400 points on our map at phxmuralproject.org. While Phoenix has had an active mural-painting scene for many years, it hasn’t been well-documented or studied. Indeed, outside Arizona, Phoenix often goes unnoticed as a hub of arts + culture. Due to this isolation, local artists created a visual style different from other “art cities.”

The project’s multi-faceted nature offers many avenues for audience engagement—website, maps, images, interviews, documentary film, exhibition, tours, and public interaction with artists. This is a resource for residents, visitors, scholars. It preserves art, collects stories, and celebrates grass-roots street art culture, and improves the national and international visibility of Phoenix as a world-class creative city.

We are always grateful for donations to help us continue this work in our local community. Donations are accepted on our website at PhxMuralProject.org

Our current initiatives:

  1. Maps: We're constantly updating our extensive map of local murals HERE. It features over 400 artworks throughout the City of Phoenix.
  2. Web Series: We're working on a series of video essays featuring local street art culture. Each episode will highlight the work and words of one local artist who has made significant contributions to muralism in the city. Our first episode is slated to go live online in Fall 2018 and will feature artist Carlos Rivas, and the episode's musical score is composed by local producer Vardon Williams.
  3. Painting Poetry in the Garden is a collaboration with Phoenix Poet Laureate Rosemarie Dombrowski in partnership with Hope College and Career Readiness Academy in South Phoenix. Students will write personal micro-poems in response to their life experiences and compile them into handmade mini-magazines called “zines.” Then, they will work with local artists to design and paint large-scale, autobiographical murals on campus to humanize the school grounds.
  4. Phoenix Mural Festival was born out of two years spent building relationships in the local street art community. More than 80 local artists created 51 murals across Phoenix over one weekend in May 2018. Goals for the festival included: (1) enhance the city’s social vitality, (2) amplify the voices of local creatives through public awareness and longevity, (3) build new patronage for arts + design, and (4) document a moment in the cultural history of the region. The festival raised nearly $25,000 in both cash and in-kind donations, and corralled over 2,300 volunteer hours worth $55,522. 55% of participating artists were people of color and 27% were women.
  5. PHX-PDX Mural Exchange: We also have initiated conversations with muralists and organizers in Portland Oregon to create a seasonal "Mural Exchange" in which artists from each city will travel to the other to paint giant collaborative murals together. The event will help create national recognition for Phoenix-based artists, and will promote Phoenix as a city full of amazing arts and culture. We would love donations from supporters to help us bring this event to fruition.
  6. We also help facilitate mural patronage between private property owners and artists throughout the region. The 10% commission we receive is redirected to support our community-oriented projects (above).

Phoenix Mural Project staff are all volunteers and do this work because they are passionate about local art and want to support our hometown artists. All proceeds go directly to support Phoenix Mural Project activities in the community.

NOTICE: Phoenix Mural Project believes in the cultural and economic value of art in our city. We do not support or condone illegal activity of any kind. We expect high levels of professionalism from our artists, patrons, and supporters. Thank you.