Loma Linda Elementary

Bacpac Makes an Impact at Loma Linda Elementary

Fox 10 Phoenix's Morning Show featured Loma Linda Elementary School's new state-of-the-art makerspace facility, and drew attention to its brand new mural created by Jeremie “Bacpac” Franko (@bacpac_live). Bacpac worked with student leaders to paint this colorful and immersive artwork. It celebrates sustainable and healthy lifestyles, diversity, and education through the use of technology.

PMP found the perfect artist for the job. Bacpac’s charismatic personality, that is bolstered by an endearing sincerity and authenticity, made her an instant hit with the kids and staff of Loma Linda. The morning’s agenda included a Q&A session with the students in which they couldn’t help but to enthusiastically voice their admiration of Bacpac and her creative abilities. 

On a more grand scale, one can only imagine the impact on the student population, which is significantly students of color, that Bacpac’s presence, a self-proclaimed “Nuyorican”, had upon their imagination of what they could be and do in the future. Only time will tell.